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VKMT - Pujye Bapu Ji establish Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust Which was originally established for the marriage of poor sisters, free education for poor children, service of saints, and service of mother cow. There is always a feeling of human welfare in the mind of revered Bapu ji. How human beings connected with the mainstream of society, how the society should have an ideological growth and how the society should be happy. With the same objectives, in 2009, Bapuji founded the Vishva Kalyan Mission Trust. So far, around 5000 children have been connected to the school through this trust. And the marriage of about 700 poor girls has been done by the Trust with the inspiration of Pujya Bapu Ji. Apart from this, many charity services are done from time to time by the Trust. Such as food distribution, cooperation in natural calamities, service of food, saints, devotees and guests in Mahakumbh and awareness campaign for purification of environment, awareness campaign for drug eradication and other services are being done in this way.

cowshed - As is known by all, in Sanatan Dharma, cow is given the honor of mother. In the same spirit, a cowshed was also built in Haridwar by Bapuji on the banks of Mother Ganga. In which the service of 20 cow mothers started in the beginning. Which is now increasing continuously in this number. Pujya Bapu ji says that the man whose milk he consumes is our mother and mother should not be disrespected but should be worshiped.

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